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  • Email Delivery Options - Configuring

    I am trying to set up email delivery options for users who do not have a dedicated phone (field salespeople). I am setting the email option to text only and the messages are not being delivered.

    I have the Shoretel server's virtual SMTP server acting as the transport (SMTP) for email messages. The messages are being created and dropped into the mail queue folder (c:/Inetpub/mailroot/queue) and they eventually get moved to the drop folder (c:/Inetpub/mailroot/drop).

    I looked at one of the error reports and it reported error 550 - the sender address failed to validate. The sender address on the emails is [email protected]server_name. It therefore is missing the "dot domain" at the end. Even if a .com were added to the end I am sure it will fail as the server_name is certainly not routable.

    Is there a way to change who / what email address the sender is? I am not finding one and I am sure there has to be a way to override the default of [email protected]

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    The sender address can be configured in ShoreWare Director under Voicemail -> Options.
    The other things that might need doing, is to make sure that there is a relay server configured on the outgoing settings of the IIS SMTP service on the voicemail server.
    This is normally going to be the IP address of an smtp mailserver inside your network enclosed in [square brackets]
    The smtp server may also need some configuration to allow the ip address of your voicemail server to relay mail.
    Looking at your error message above, this may already be OK as you would otherwise get an error message saying that relaying is not allowed from this host.