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  • double dialing digits

    Having an issue with the phone registering a digit twice. Sometimes when dialing and hitting a digit the phone will dial that digit twice. I'm not aware of any DTMF settings that will help with this. It seems to only happen when dialing outside numbers. Don't know if this could be the network delaying the DTMF so the system thinks you dialed the digit twice or if I looking a a ShoreTel issue.

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    It would be nice to know what the answer is for this. One of our users just experienced the same symptom, but it cleared up within 5 minutes. Prior to this issue, I replaced her network cable and moved her to a different ShoreTel phone switch (logically) to resolve another issue. It was after that when the 530 phone started displaying double digits.

    I couldn't find anything on the ShoreTel KB.


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      Just to clarify a few things... Is this issue while dialing a phone number to start a call, or while interacting with a touch tone system on the other end of an already placed call?

      I'll clarify with a bit of background.

      What you hear on your phone when dialing to place a call - as opposed to once a call has started - are not actually DTMF tones going out over the line. They're an imitation created at the speaker by your phone. If you use an analog line, the system will send out the actual DTMF tones once you've completed dialing. If you use a T1 PRI, there's no actual DTMF tones involved in placing a call at all.

      Once the call has been connected and you press a button, THEN your button press results directly in a DTMF tone being sent over the line. (Which you hear.)

      So, are you getting doubled up digits when you're trying to place a call, or when trying to interact with a touchtone system on the other end of a call? Do the digits appear twice on your phone screen?