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  • Database access to user directory

    Hi All,

    I'm new to ShoreTel, but not to MySQL. I've been able to login remotely to the ShoreTel server and access the shorewarecdr database for reporting. However, I'd like to be able to access (read-only) the user directory. Is there a default username and password for this access, similar to reporting? If not, is it just a matter of setting up a user for read-only access? And if so, which tables hold user info? I'm just trying to pull a list of users and extension numbers.



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    Here are my observations.
    Watch out on v10+ the port numbers for the shorewarecdr database and shoreware database have moved about. (see the build notes for information about which port numbers exactly)
    There are two databases:
    shorewarecdr - got reporting information in it.
    shoreware - got config information in it.
    The only user that seems to be able to get to 'shoreware' is root. And the only place that root is allowed in from is 'localhost'
    the login that allows remote access to the shorewarecdr database is not allowed in the shoreware database.
    You can find the username and password for root if you dig about in the shoretel admin guide. I don't want to make it too easy by just putting the root password in here. (light a man a fire and you keep him warm for a day, light a man on fire and you will keep him warm for the rest of his life - so the saying goes - or somthing about fish???)
    You will need to login to the MySQL database as root at the HQ server. Create yourself a new login that has Read-Only access to the shoreware database from another host.

    The tables within shoreware that you are probably going to be interested in are a combination of USER and DN.

    Watch out if you ever have a shoreware upgrade, you will probably need to recreate your login again.


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      Thanks for the help.


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        Can anyone tell me how to get remote access to MySQL

        I keep seeing the only way to get remote access to the ShoreTel DB's is to create an ID .

        Can anyone give me the steps to create one?

        Perhaps the steps to access the db remotely as well?


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          Originally posted by srieger View Post
          I keep seeing the only way to get remote access to the ShoreTel DB's is to create an ID .

          Can anyone give me the steps to create one?

          Perhaps the steps to access the db remotely as well?
          If you just want query (read-only) access, there is nothing special needed to access a ShoreTel DB, either remotely or locally.

          For my use, I wanted to dynamically build a phone extension directory that was platform independent of the utilities that ShoreTel provides. As ShoreTel_Dave so kindly provided, the database that holds this username/extension data is the "shoreware" database.

          Just like any other MySQL database, the ShoreTel database can be accessed either locally or remotely, with a variety of utilities and scripting languages. The specific login data you will need is the hostname/IP of the ShoreTel server, the database, "shoreware" and the built-in username/password that provides read-only access, user="st_configread", password="passwordconfigread".

          Hope this helps.


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            This mightbe a dumb question, but does that mean you need to install the MySQL tools directly on the shoreware server?


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              They are already installed: C:\program files\shoreline communications\shoreware server\mysql


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                PC - thanks for the response...I should have been more clear. Can you install the table browser on the sql server so you can query against it? My receptionist accidentally enabled "Allow Mobile Call Manager" on a user and she doesn't remember who. Rather than go into each of 300+ extensions, I was hoping to just query the table to figure out who the culprit was and then fix the licensing issue.

                I'm very familiar with SQL but not MySQL. I was hoping to find a table browser or ad-hoc query creator by which I could just search and then use director to correct.



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                  I did take a copy of the backup of the db, move that to a PC on which I have installed MySQL Workbench 5.2 and am trying to open the db locally, as I understood Shoretel Dave's comment above, but I am getting either a permission or port issue.
                  port - 4309
                  user - root
                  pw - swdba (not typed correctly as per STD above)

                  Am I missing something else?


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                    if anyone else searches for this post, i've answered my own question.
                    take a copy of the shoretelconfig db
                    open it in msft sql server
                    look for the delete users table to determine your column headers
                    look for the insert into users statement to find you current configuration
                    take the insert statement into excel
                    text to columns using a "(" character
                    copy row A and paste special, then transpose into A2
                    text to columns again using "','" with a ' data separator
                    paste special - traspose the columns from the create table

                    this will give you the table layout & data of your current configuration.