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  • 14.42.2905 - DTAS Error 3307

    We are seeing 10-50 DTAS 3307 errors per day. Each time this happens, DTAS barfs to the point where workgroup agents are unable to receive calls (HQ server things the agents are not available), and people cannot change mode (OOO, In a Meeting, Etc.)

    Any thoughts?

    1 HQ server with 2 remote sites with DVMs

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    There were some TMS related errors that were fixed starting in the build released right after the one you are running (there have been about 4 releases since the build you are running). It would certainly be worth exploring the release notes and possibly upgrading.

    Outside of that, do you have DEP disabled on all of your servers?


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      Yes, DEP is disabled on our servers. ShoreTel seems to think we are having network drops which is causing the DTAS errors. So far, I can't find any network issues, so we are continuing to troubleshoot. We are reluctant to upgrade as we are scared of introducing more bugs.


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        Does ShoreTel have a reputation for writing bugs in new builds rather than fixes to bugs that were in prior builds?


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          Error 3307
          DTAS thread (CAsyncSocket - Reset on Runaway Loop) had an exception. Thread is continuing. Preceded by TMS 233 and 234 informational msgs. and warning (TMS has disconnected from switch "HQ SW-2" (10.X.X.X). This may be as a result of a network outage, administrative action, or unexpected switch behavior) The TMS info msgs had grown from 4-6k/day to over 14k on the day of the failure. When the failure occurred I was out of the office. I got a call that 3 phones were down. The phones were rebooted and came back. We had previously swapped ports on the SG50 from LAN1 to LAN2 to no avail. Our Shoretel partner restarted the switch and the app. error log is now normal: 0 errors, 0 warnings, and info msgs. in single digits. They have suggested a burn flash to re-write instructions on the SG50 EPROM but I'll wait to see how things run this week. Far from being "set and forget" the SG switches have to be monitored via the logs like every other network device. I don't recall the Mars Lander, which uses this same VX code, having to be rebooted after 3 months.
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            What version are you guys running? I might be able to help. Some of the DTAS disconnects can be caused by network outages, but lots of this is resolved already. Have the crash dumps been delivered to tech already?


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              I am assuming you guys upgraded already? I was looking for the most recent version..