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  • Voice Mail Notification on 7.5

    Ok here is the scenario:

    Have users that are out of office quite a bit. They use their call handling mode quite a bit and is rather fluid as to when they are in or out.

    One thing that they want is to restrict the time that they get notified on their cell phone when they get messages.

    I have used a "notify" schedule, and assigned it to each of the call handling modes, but it does nothing more than to change the call handling mode and doesn't restrict the notification.

    Am I missing something, is there a trick, or is this the way it is designed, there is very little in the manual and unable to see anything that pertains to the schedule.

    Already got two different answers from TAC.

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    As far as notifications, its all or nothing, no scheduling available.


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      I would have your Shoretel partner request this from Shoretel Prof. Services. They might be able to write an app for you. At a cost of course.