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  • Recording AA Menu "General Error on the Phone"

    We're getting this error message on only one system while trying to record an AA Menu greeting from an external number. As soon as the record button is pressed on an AA menu a pop up comes up saying:

    "An error has occurred: General Error on the Phone"

    We have the external number set in the preferences, and doesn't seem to matter which number is entered. Recording works from any internal extension, voice mail is working and switch connectivity is all green.

    We do know that the carrier is blocking CID outside of their numbers, I have verified the CESID at the site, switch etc.

    Anyone have any ideas what may be blocking this, or which logs to check?

    EDIT: also fails externally when you press play.
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    Ran into similar situation. Was able to record as long as it was done on a local phone (on site). Also remember to press # after recording or it will give the same message as well.


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      Have run into this at least once.. It was a bit of a mystery.

      Anyway,, turns out it happens because when you hit Record or Play it tries to call out as the Voice Mail Notification usergroup. If you give that usergroup access to the Trunks it should work properly.
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