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  • Truncated Caller ID

    Has anyone encountered any problems with truncated caller ID information coming into the system? If so, is this a carrier issue or a ShoreTel issue?

    Today, we had a user report that two calls came in today with incomplete Caller ID information. Instead of a normal phone number, it showed 608 (the area code in our area). Another call came in with 7317 (likely part of the incoming phone number). The TmsNCC log file shows the same information that was displayed on her phone.

    We haven't had other people report this problem, so I don't know the scope of it yet, but I wanted to see if anyone else had experienced it.


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    Sounds like it's the carrier. I have had this happen before and did determine it was the carrier from certain exchanges. Generally what you see in the TMSNcc log is what is hitting the switch. ShoreTel will not try and strip anything off the incoming caller ID.

    What build are you running?


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      We're on 9.2, build 14.42.8500.0. My first impression is the same as yours -- that it's a carrier issue. But I wanted to get the input of others as well. Thank you.