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  • ECC Sql Connect Error

    I'm writing a ECC script to connect to a ODBC DSN. In the SQL Connect script I selected three different music/ad scritps to determine where my connect script is failing. It keeps playing the error script. I "Tested" the ODBC setup and verified that the password was correct in the system tab of the ECC Director.

    1.Do you have to restart the ECC when you make changes to the interface section of the system settings?

    2. Is there a log file to see what's really going on?



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    Whenever you makes changes to the ODBC interfaces, you do need to restart the services. The drivers are only fired up when ECC is started.

    If you really want to see what's going on, you can start up the log viewer (d:\Shoretel\Contact Center Server\bin\bswlogmon.exe) and load up the database interfaces. The process in charge of that is EDBI. This will show you the exact SQL query that ECC is trying to run and the result it is getting back from the server.


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      ShoreTel ECC SQL

      I posted a 30 minute video tutorial on ShoreTel ECC SQL Scripting that covers this subject on the drvoip site. Sarsin is absolutely correct on the log, but I am confident you will find that you are having a data type mismatch. I aslo note that the Dial list does not like to have a LIMIT set (i.e. SELECt * FROM CALL_List Limit 0,30). ECC seems to want to read in 50 records at a time and if you set a lower limit it will not run. It will work with the scripting tool, but not in the dial list input statement.

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        actually skip this and go direclty to the drvoip site. I have a bunch of ECC videos, MySQL etc.