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  • Mobile number user name sticks with deleted users name

    We are running 7.5.

    Here is the scenario.

    I deleted a user from the system.

    A new employee was hired with a different phone ext. and a brand new computer with a brand new instance of call manager. The user has the old users cell phone number.

    When they set up their call manager, they put in a different area code in the external assignment field. When that number is assigned, it shows as that users name.

    When i went in and changed it to the old employees cell number...the old employees name showed up in the auto populate field even though he was deleted from the system as a user before.

    Where is this data stored? it just seems very strange.

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    System directory? Global address list?


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      It definitely was not in the system directory. It was still in the global address list. We removed it just now. I'm wandering how long it takes to update from ad?

      When you type the cell number into call managers dial still says the old employees name.

      Anywhere else it could be stored?

      I did check the get names from outlook on the call manager tab and restarted the call manager to see if it changed and it didnt.


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        the call manager still has the new employees wrong cell number showing too with the wrong area code....and that was never in active directory


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          from the manual:
          NOTE ShoreWare Call Manager automatically populates each user’s Quick Dialer with
          entries from the system directory, the user’s personal directory, and all Microsoft
          Outlook Contact folders. This includes each user’s personal contacts as well as
          any contacts on the Microsoft Exchange Server.
          Where is the "user's personal directory"?

          Thanks for the help in advance!!