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  • Shoretel HQ Server

    HI All,

    We are planning of moving our Shoretel HQ Server from one site to another Site.As the other site is on different subnet so HQ Server will have different IPAddress.We will be replacing HQ Server with DVM.

    could you please let me know the procedure how this needs to be done or send me the documentation


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    Do you mean that the HQ server will remain the HQ server, but just at a different site?

    What version of Shoretel are you on?


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      HQ Server will be moved to different site.i.e currently HQ Server is in USA and will be moved across to London i.e we are not planning of moving the server physically.we will setup another server in london and want to make that server as HQ Server

      we are using Shoretl 9.2


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        Oh. OK.

        From Shoretel's website:
        How to move director to a new server

        Old Server= A
        New Server = B
        1. Create MySQL dump on Server A (Instructions found in Server Release Notes)
        2. Copy the dump onto Server B
        3. Copy the Shoreline Data folder from the Server A to Server B.
        4. On Server B renamed the 'Call Records 2' folder to 'Old call Records 2', since this is where the mySQL database resides.
        5. Install ShoreTel 7 on Server B
        6. Used the restore.bat to merge the dump into Server B. (Instructions found in Server Release Notes)

        Now, you are also changing IP addresses, so hopefully I can tell you correctly.
        Before making any backups, in Director, go to Application servers>the HQ server...change the IP address to the new IP address.

        Then do everything above, and when you restore everything on the new server, the only thing you should have to do is request a new system license key from Shoretel. Director will make you do this. You'll then get an email from Shoretel asking why you need a new key, so just tell them that you changed hardware.

        Hopefully that is complete enough.

        Good luck!


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          thank you Bobby..

          What about the switches..?does any of the switches in another site need to be reconfigured..?


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            Ah yes, thats a big part of it...Shit!

            You will have to update all of the switches, and phones > FTP server. And call managers too!

            Sorry, its getting late in the day, and I've been up since 3 this morning...