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  • different incoming and inhouse ring tones

    Can the shoretel system set up different rings tones for calls outside the system and for calls inside the system to ring different :recent customer had this feature on old system

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    The cadence of the ring tone is different for internal vs. external calls. If you want more than that then it can be done with personal call handling rules (require pro communicator or higher).

    As a side note, if you give someone pro, go into their call manager/communicator and configure the rule and then set them back to personal the rule continues to work.


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      Ben, could you clarify which version you were using where you describe that you use pro call manager, then flip it back to personal and it continues to work? I tried this on 9.2 and when switching back to personal, the call handling rules stopped working. However, switching back to pro again remembered the rules I had set, but in Director it had to be set to pro.



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        This used to work in some early versions. Rules no longer work unless PCM is at least Pro.


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          The last time I successfully tried this was on one of the first 9.2 releases. I did not realize they had closed up that loophole in later versions yet. Thanks Palitto.


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            You could always add a custom ringer file to the FTP server. I have done this before.