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  • Monitoring software for Shoretel network.

    Hi all,

    We're looking a purchasing some software that will monitor the ShoreTel network i.e send alarms, SNMP monitoring, QoS, ect, ect. Just want to find out what other people use to monitor their ShoreTel networks. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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    What kind of alarms are you looking to monitor? I can't speak much for the QoS / SNMP monitoring, but if you want something along the lines of T1s going down, switches disconnecting from TMS, or temperature spikes, ShoreTel has all these built in, you just need to configure the event filters in ShoreWare Director. A list of the events can be found in the maintenance guide for the build you're on.


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      We don't won't to use the Shoretel stuff, we won't a seperate management system that monitors VoIP networks.


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        Why dont you WANT to use the Shoretel stuff?
        And I would start here, for information: Search for network monitor


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          We wanted to use the ShoreTel monitor but it is no longer available in Australia we've been advised. This is why we're looking from some feedback or experiences from administrators or IT people who may have been in this situation also, who have the Shoretel system & use a 3rd party vendor management system to monitor it.