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  • Shoretel Call Manager - Click and Dial number on a spreadsheet

    Is there an add on for Shoretel call manager that allows me to highlight a phone number on my computer and dial the number?

    I got a list of 500 telephone numbers I got to dial and I thought I saw a feature somewhere in the callmanager that allowed me to highlight a number and do a right mouse click to dial the number.

    Does anyone know if this feature exists or if its an add on licence?

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    I'm pretty sure our reseller did mention once upon a time, an add-on feature similar to one of skype's, whereby it highlights any phone number on a website and allows you to interact with it (call etc.), that was system wide.

    Sorry I can't be of further help, but I'm sure what you require is possible. Would be interested to know what you find out.


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      ShoreTel offers a dialer for web pages where you select the number, right-click and press dial. I don't think they have one for Office programs though. We offer one for Office programs based on Smart Tags.


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        Just build a macro button in Excel to dial with.

        Highlight the cell
        have the macro:"Copy" (activate STCM) "Cntrl+Alt-D" "Paste" "Alt-C"


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          What does Shoretel's App dialer do? Apparently, this is different than the web dialer.