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  • Reset ShoreGear 30 to Factory Defaults?

    We have a new ShoreGear 30 that was configured incorrectly and won't talk to the Shoretel server. Anyone know how to reset the switch to the factory defaults? I've tried holding the reset button for various amounts of time with a pin but all it does is reboot the switch and I can't get it to reset the IP's or other env variables that were changed. Any help would be appreciated.


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    On the newer half-width switches, the pinhole will simply reset the unit, but not restore the unit to factory defaults. To factory reset the switch you will enter the following command from the ShoreWare Server directory on the server.

    C:\Program Files\Shoreline Communications\ShoreWare Server> ipbxctl -reset <IP Address>


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      That command did indeed reset the switch but all the IP and incorrect env variables are still there. Any other ideas?


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        its gonna be there until you get a new IP, either thru DHCP or Static. I think it is in the NVRAM.