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  • Transfer to VM results in "dead air"

    Hello. I have been having a big problem with users encountering "dead air" when they transfer their calls to a VM box. There are no other call quality issues or routing issues. It is also very random and affects users at the same site as well as intersite. We have several different sites set up, but this only occurs on one site. This site has 5 locations in a star topology, with switches at three of the sites, and the server at the hub site. Has anyone encountered this, or have any ideas where to start?

    Thanks in advance.

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    what shoretel equipment at each site, what version...any other details you can think of.


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      At each site:

      ShoreGear 120/24
      Boot ROM Version:
      Firmware Version: 14.42.2905.0
      CPU Board Version: Fab 2 (6 DSP SG-24)

      Connected through at least 10MB metro ethernet to the hub site. Cisco 1841 at each site, 2811 at hub. Shoretel server is IBM 3850 M2 dual quad core, 4 GB RAM. Shoretel Director Release: 14.42.2905.0

      Version: ST9.2 - 14.42.2905.0 GA


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        Hmm, that does not fit with any of the stuff that I have seen before. Have you checked the release notes from 9.2 and 10.1 to see if this was a known issue or if it gets fixed when you move forward?