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  • ShoreWare Director - Server licenses?

    Hey guys,

    Does anyone know off hand if Windows (2008) CAL's are required for each user?

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    No they are not


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      How does ShoreTel PCM not need Windows Server CAL since it is accessing ShoreTel server which is running Windows Server 2003.

      I has asked my vendor same question, got same answer that they were not needed. But could never explain why.


      Michael Knapton

      IT Manager
      Lexus of South Atlanta


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        Well, essentially the ShoreTel ShoreWare Director server is fulfilling the role of a web and FTP server, so CAL's aren't necessary.


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          Exactly it... PCM (or Communicator as of more recent versions) actually communicates back via IIS and FTP.

          Shoretel actually bundles in a "telephony" version of Windows with their Small Business Edition that is licensed from Microsoft because that their interaction isn't through normal Windows services (file, print serving, active directory, etc.).

          It really piggy backs on this MS Windows CAL exception:

          If access to the instances of server software is only through the Internet without being authenticated or otherwise individually identified by the server software or through any other means

          Shoretel isn't leveraging any type of authentication mechanism on the server (except they can enable an integration to check against AD users if desired as of ST 9.0). Windows is merely the platform in which they developed their software package on and they are just leveraging the platform features to build their software.