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  • Report for onhold wait time

    Excuse my ignorance, I'm still pretty green in the Shoretel world. But does anyone happen to know what report, if there is one, that I would run to show calls ringing or left on hold longer than X amount of time?


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    If you're talking about hold time in a workgroup queue, I believe the workgroup service level summary should show you this.

    If you're talking about hold time on a user's extension, there is no report which shows this, as hold time is not recorded in the CDR database. We've written a custom application and report which can collect this information into a separate table and report on it, however.


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      Actually to be specific I am trying to see how long it is taking for calls to be answered. If a caller is redirected to 2-3 escalation groups his 'on hold' time could be 3-5 mins worth of ringing. If that makes sense?


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        What do you mean by "escalation groups"? There is no such thing for routing inbound calls. The only place something related to escalation is used is in the voice mail notification settings.


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          Resurecting this one back from the dead......Not sure if there have been any changes in later versions. Have a customer wanting to see hold times of calls to workgroup agents and possibly HG members. They would like to see how much of the call time was actually on the call with the agent and how much was the customer sitting on hold after the call was pulled from the queue. I have not seen anything that would show this, not even using workgroup monitor. You can see the detailed call state in WG monitor ( which shows if the call is on hold), but I don't see from the documentation that it records the on hold times.