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  • Softphone with Windows 7

    Is anyone consistently using the softphone with Windows 7? I keep having issues with it running 9.2. I get the Red X over the phone in the upper corner. If I look in director it shows the softphone as out of service. I can manually delete it and reload call manager and it will work, but this is constantly happening.

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    It will probably perform better when you upgrade to ShoreTel 11.1 towards the end of this year.
    There isnt support for Windows 7 in v 9.2 or 10.x


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      We have had success with the softphone on Windows 7 x64 and ShoreTel v9.1. For users that use the softphone I enable application compatibility mode on the Call Manager to Windows XP SP2. This seems to stop the Call Manager from being able to start automatically though and when you launch Call Manager manually a prompt appears asking if you are sure.

      Also, I have run into the following issue with the red X problem. A user selected cancel instead of allow when the firewall prompted for an exception to be created for the Call Manager. This stopped the softphone from working until I added the exception manually.