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    IP 265, v8.1 b13.26.9202.0
    Last week we had an issue of when an end user was on the phone with someone, and that other person spoke, as they were speaking, that other person would hear a beep/feed back until they stopped speaking. The end user wouldn't actually hear the beeping/feedback, but would hear silence instead.

    This would happen with extension to extension calls at the same site, calls coming in directly to the PRI at that site, and extension to extension calls over the WAN.

    Unplugging the phone and rebooting it seemed to fix it.

    A different user on a different phone at the same site had the same issue today. The first phone reboot didn't seem to fix it, but the second did.

    Has anyone come across this before? I'm thinking about rebooting their SG50 during lunch...