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  • VPN Concentrator and Remote phone (latency)

    Hi Guys,

    I have a new 10.1 install that is reporting issues of latency when making a call outside of the system. These phones are phones that are connected remote off of the VPN concentrator. When calling other phones on the system regardless of the site (even over the WAN), the calls are crystal clear. The problem lies when they dial the 9, and make a call out their analog trunks at the home office. The remote phones only have access to those trunks at the home office.

    I have QOS rules enforced on the LAN and involved interfaces, played around with several codecs. Remote phone locations have been tested at a few different places, the ping responses to the public side of the VPN concentrator interface has been about 40-50ms.

    I am having trouble verifying the issues, cause when I have had one in possession and made calls they have sounded quite well. I do understand I am at the mercy of the public internet.

    I would welcome any suggestions. Thank you all!