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  • VM Forward Problem

    I have one user then when she forwards voicemails to anyone, the message is empty. The voicemail plays fine on her phone, once she forwards it, the person receiving the VM plays it and hears nothing, its blank. Has anyone experienced this before? Any suggestions? I have unstinalled and reinsalled the Outlook plugin but no dice.

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    Having the same issue.

    I'm interested to see the answer to this. I've been experiencing this problem for over 2 months now with no definitive answer as to why or when it will be fixed. I've told my users that instead of sending via Outlook, use the phone or the Call Manager to forward a voicemail to another user. I'll keep you updated if I find anything out in my testing.


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      What build are you running? We're having a similar problem on the latest of 10.1 when we export a lengthy voicemail (10+ minutes long) the file is empty but we can listen to it through call manager / phone.


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        We had a problem like this once and I believe it was solved by resetting the server.


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          I've tried resetting the server to no avail. We're on 9.2 with PCM build 14.41.1108.0 if that helps anyone out. I can't narrow down where the problem lies. If anyone has any ideas, I'd appreciate them.


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            This is a known bug - ShoreTel says it is fixed in the latest build of 9.2. My rep was told 14.42.5606.0. Somone previously posted that it was fixed in 14.42.2905.0

            Does anyone know if the fix was incorporated into 10.1 and/or 10.2?