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  • Shoretel 230 - Affecting network throughput

    We have one app that is very read/write intensive. After receiveing reports of slow perfromance I discovered the following when running a LAN Speed Test from a client.
    When the Client PC is connected to the Shoretel 230 phone the write times averaged 57Mbps. When bypassing the phone completely, the write times increased to an average 83Mbps.
    Switches are 100MB to the clients. Clients are XP Pro.
    ShoreTel 7.5
    Build 12.14.8701.0

    Thanks in advance.

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    Could just be because of increasing the overhead adding another switch in. The phone is basically just a 2 port 10/100 switch. Try introducing a little 10/100 linksys or netgear switch and see if the latency is comparable.