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  • Voicemail question

    I have some high level users wanting to have there voice mails announce a message but not actually give the ability for a caller to leave a message.

    Is there a way to program a call handling mode to do this?

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    Not a specific call handling mode, although there are several ways to get around this. You could have a call handling mode forward always to a mailbox that has a message that plays but is set not to take messages. This works but the callers always hear that the mailbox is full and cannot take messages. A more elegant way is to forward to an Auto Attendant and have the message play once, take no input, and then forward to the main AA after the message is over.


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      Thank you

      Thats a creative way to get around.


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        More steps than I like, but it is relatively self documenting and presents no issues to the end it will do.