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  • Call Pickup Group Button

    I'm trying to add a button to use with a call pickup group. Should be simple, right?

    Here's the deal. I've added a call pickup group. The group works like it should. Now I'm trying to add a group pickup button on either a 560G or on a toolbar on PCM. The button form allows me to add a pickup button, but when I try and enter the pickup group extension in the button form extension field, Director fails to find the pickup group extension. Running 7.0. I've got a ticket in to ShoreTel on this but haven't heard back yet.

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    I want to say that we had this issue on 7.0, but never looked into the matter. Now running 7.5 and it is a non issue.


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      Found the problem

      It seems I was trying to program a "Pickup" button instead of a "Group Pickup" button. Live and learn...