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  • Route point no answer to random AA

    I've got an interesting problem, and I'm wondering if any of you have any thoughts.

    We have calls coming into a site go through a route point. If the office is open, the call is forwarded to a bridged call appearance which is on everyone's phone (13 of them). If the office is closed, the RP sends everything to an auto attendant.

    If nobody answers during business hours, the caller is supposed to go to an AA.

    Here's the problem: when nobody answers a call going through the route point, the auto attendant that the caller is directed to an auto attendant at a different site and extension. If I call the BCA directly and there's no answer, the correct AA is accessed. Weird, huh?

    Has anyone seen anything like this before? The only things I can think of is a another no-answer/busy option is overriding the route point's, or maybe the fact the route point is on a server at a different site (the switch at the site cannot host a RP).

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    Route points arent hosted on switches. The route should be on the correct server.