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  • Sub bite set as a SIP Proxy

    Hi everyone,

    Hope you can help.

    I can enable a switch at the top of the tree (headquarters) as a SIP proxy and I can connect to it without any issues.

    If I delete the switch and re-create it in another site which is a sub site, I can not connect to it?

    Has anyone had similar problems? Does the SIP prox have to be at the headwuarters site?

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    The SIP proxy is site specific.
    Did you change the IPaddress of the switch?
    If not, and you made it in a different site, then I think your problem is that whichever phone you are testing with, is still in the HQ site.
    I have set up hundreds of SIP phones at remote sites, and never had this problem.

    So, what I am saying is I think the phone has to belong to the sub site as well.


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      I thought that as well mate.

      I have kept the IP of the switch the same.

      If I put it in the HQ site with my phone associated with that site, sip proxy works.

      If I then delete the switch bring it up in a different site keeping the same IP. Move my phone to that site and try the sip proxy, it doesn't work?



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        I dont think you are moving the phone to that site, is what I'm saying...Do you have an IP address map? If the phone is in the range for HQ, its gonna be in HQ.

        Anyway, you can run some debugs on the SIP Proxy switch, and that should tell you whats going on...if the phone attempts, but the switch denies it, you will be able to see the reason.

        What kind of switch is it?


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          Hi Bobby, I am grasping what you are saying, and I am moving the phone to the site.

          I now have the following scenario set up.

          2 Sites, 2 SIP Proxy's, 2 Switches. Site A (Headquarters Site) has a SIP Proxy address switch address . Site B (Sub site) has a SIP Proxy address switch address

          I assign myself to a phone in Site A. Open up XLITE (PC SIP client) I connect straight away.

          I move the phone to site B, assign myself to that phone. Open up xlite, change the SIP proxy address, can't connect.

          Does this make sense?


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            more instigation.

            When I am assignd to a phone on a site other than the Headquaters, but I leave the proxy setup on the Headquarters site, I can still connect using xlite????
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              Can someone confirm that you can set a SIP proxy on a subsite with setting one on a headquaters site, and it all works?



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                Hold on.

                Why is your SIP proxy address and your switch address different?

                Take out that virtual SIP proxy thing, and just use the switch IP address. Make the switch the SIP proxy of that site.

                Like I said, I have installed hundreds of SIP phones at HQ and the remote sites. -Confirmed.


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                  If I set the Site SIP Proxy as the same address of the sitch it says "SIP Proxy Virtual IP has allready been taken. Please use a different IP address.

                  See attached
                  Attached Files


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                    sorry, got you now, just leave the Proxy SIP IP out all together.

                    OK, done that. Agin it works for the headquarters site, not the subsite?



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                      just to recap.

                      I have 2 switches 1 in Site A 1 in Site B. The switch in Site A (Headquarters) has ip address The switch in Site B has the ip address

                      If I set my SIP softphone to look at it works fine. If I set it to look at it can not connect.

                      My phone is in Site B by the way.



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                        OK, so lets start at the beginning.

                        1) You have allocated SIP Proxy ports on the Site B switch, correct?
                        2) You have gone to sites, Site B, and added that switch in for that site's SIP proxy, correct?


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                          I'm telling you man, its gonna be something simple, like wrong password or something...

                          Also, for the SIP username, use the extension, rather than the client ID, it works better.

                          Also, like I said before, you can see exactly what is happening, if you run some debugs on the SIP proxy.

                          I dont like the fact that they are in the same subnet, but I guess thats not a problem.


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                            Honestly Boby, unless I use a switch that is part of the headquaters site, i can not conenct?


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                              I believe you dude, I just cant figure out what is exactly wrong...I'm thinking it is the IP addresses. It might be 2 separate sites, but they are the same subnet, so they are not really separate sites.