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  • Overhead paging

    I have two issues I am looking for a little help with.

    1. Here in the past few weeks we have had issues with people thinking that they have transfered a call and somehow transfered the call into the overhead paging system. (interesting conversations at times). Is there a way to block the ability to transfer a call to a specific number, like the extension assigned to overhead paging?

    2. This brings me to my second question. Our partner set this up (we no longer have this partner) and I can not find where this extension is set up.
    We have a Valcomm overhead paging system with zones set up. If a user wants to page overhead they dial a four digit extension, gets a tone, then enters the digit for the zone they want to call.
    I wanted to go out there and see what options I had to play with. I can not find the extension that gets us into the overhead paging system. I have looked in switches, which shows me which switch the valcomm is plugged into and I have also looked in "system directory" but am not able to find that specific extensionl.

    Anyone have any ideas?


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    I'm not sure about the first issue, but we have a similar setup for our overhead paging as you describe in your second issue.

    We have a paging system that was used with our AT&T Merlin system that nobody will touch because it is so old. I have had multiple people tell me it shouldn't work the way it is setup, but it has been pretty solid for about the last 10 years. Anyway, our paging system uses one of our analogue ports on our Shoregear 90. In director it is listed under Switches>Primary>SG90. The port type is listed as Trunk. It is not listed in our user director on the phone.

    The way ours works is, when you pick up a phone and dial 2180 it accesses that trunk in our system. One the trunk is seized we hear a new dial tone, which is the dial tone of the paging zone controller, then we key in the 2 digit zone we would like to page.

    After dialing the initial 2180 to get into the paging system, the shoretel system is basically out of the loop. I know with our PacPage system, there is a console port and you can configure different things from there with hyperterminal, but the shoretel system has no control over the paging system configuration.

    Hope some of this makes sense and helps you out.


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      bkuhn - Thanks for the info. Our system is basically setup the same way.
      Once you said Trunks it hit me like a lead balloon. I can't tell you how many times I looked at the switch that the paging system is tied to and didn't even look to see what it was tied to.

      I am still hoping there is a way to block an extension from using the intercom feature. (ex. someone dials the extension for overhead paging and hits the intercom button by mistake (not paying attention) that the system see's this as an invalid operation and does not allow the function to happen). That should be clear as mud!!!


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        Hey sorry for the delay, been a crazy few weeks.

        Anyway...we have the intercom feature disabled for all of our users. To do this log into Director and click Users>Class of Service. Under the first heading "Telephony Feature Permissions" you should have a profile created. We have a couple, the main one we use is called "Paging Restricted". Once you click on the one you would like to edit, about 3/4 down the page you will see "Directed Intercom / Paging". This is referring to the Intercom button on the phone. We don't have allow initiation checked, so when you press intercom on the phone it says "you do not have permission to perform this".

        Hopefully that helps.


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          I had an issue a month ago when we put someone on hold, the hold music would play over the intercomm.

          Turns out something was screwed up with the shoretel software.


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            Originally posted by METRO25 View Post
            I had an issue a month ago when we put someone on hold, the hold music would play over the intercomm.

            Turns out something was screwed up with the shoretel software.

            Had the same problem here! What ended up being the resolution?

            In our situation, someone paged from an analog set, and when they hung up the set it put the paging system on hold (thus playing our music on hold over the PA system building-wide).

            Is there a way to prevent the paging system from being placed on hold? Since the paging extension isn't a traditional user, I suspect it's not under the same permissions/access scheme as regular users are.

            Curious little problem! I've never submitted a bug report to ShoreTel; so, anyone have advice on this?


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              kaboose292, for bbrixey we wrote an application which detects attempts to transfer calls to the paging system and disconnects the consulting call. If you're interested, we can also modify this application to disconnect calls to the paging system when the far end places the call on hold, which would resolve your issue.


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                Palitto Consulting: I would be interested in this application - we have 3 locations in Calgary that have this issue, I would be interested in that application. [email protected]