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  • New DVM Server, Slow Audio

    We replaced a DVM server at one of our locations after the existing machine died. I screen-shotted the settings from the old box, deleted from Director, built the new one and added it back in with the same settings as the old one.

    From a Director perspective, everything appears fine. The problem is when you dial the voicemail extension, the audio is super slow. This happens at the site locally on a gig network, so bandwidth is not an issue. There is also an Event ID 252 logged in the Windows app log about 4-5 times per minute from TMS that states:

    Event Type: Information
    Event Source: ShoreWare
    Event Category: TMS
    Event ID: 252
    Date: 7/1/2010
    Time: 6:24:07 AM
    User: N/A
    Computer: DENSHORETEL
    A time change of +9.905 seconds was detected in the system clock. Changing the system clock can result in skewed or incorrect call timers for applications and call detail reporting records. Only calls currently inprogress may be affected by this change.
    I checked all the time settings on the server and they are correct. Time zone is ok and the machine is in synch with our Domain Time server.

    I called support and they couldn't figure it out and said we'd need to escalate to tier 2, but I had an appointment so I had to leave and have to get that going today. I was hoping someone here may have seen or experienced this issue before.

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    Additional info

    Support had me run all the current Windows Updates. During this period, the above mentioned time message in Event Viewer stopped and the audio was perfect. After Updates finished and the machine rebooted, back to slow audio.


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      Well, we got it fixed. Of all things, turned out to be bad hardware on the server. Sent out a new server (and did a ton of testing at HQ before shipping) and everything is well now.