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  • Display company name on phone based on 1-800 and/or DNIS

    I have some reps (all ContactCenter users) in a call center that take calls for multiple companies. The calls come in on different 1-800 #s (and different DNIS's). I would like to give the users some sort of notification on the phone as to what company they need to represent.

    For example:
    1-800-555-1234 (DNIS 100) would display "Acme Inc." on the LCD
    1-800-555-4321 (DNIS 101) would display "Contoso Inc." on the LCD, etc

    Shoretel v9.2, ContactCenter 5.1 and IP230 phones.

    Any ideas?

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    All you need to do is to find out the Pilot (DID) number for the 800-555-1234, switch it from being a DID to DNIS map. Just go into where the DID is currently setup (Extension, Route Point, etc...) unselect it as a DID, goto the Trunk that the number is associated with, click on Edit DNIS Map...add the Received Digits based on how many numbers your carrier is sending inbound (4 or 10 or ?), place the Text to you to display under Dialed Number...and point it to the extension you removed the DID save and you are all set.


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      Yep exactly, your situation is not too unique, I have had to do this for a couple of customers. DNIS map is the way to do it.


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        Worked like a charm, you guys were spot on.


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          Is there anyway to keep this information displayed on the phone after the call is picked up? Currently the text appears on the (230) phone where the date/time is when not on a call. If the agent does not look at that information before they pickup it disappears.

          The information will also display on a screen pop from call manager but that too goes away immediately.