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  • Long Distance Within Same Area Code

    We have two PRI's in two different cities with the same Area code.

    I have all local prefixes setup on Site 1 PRI.

    I have a seperate set of local prefixes setup on Site 2 PRI.

    When making a long distance call within the same Area code (515) from site 1, it goes right through.

    When I make the same phone call from site 2, I get a reorder.

    What am I doing wrong?

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    Are these 2 different sites as defined in Director? Make sure that each site has the local area code defined. Also make sure each separate trunk group has the local area code defined.

    If those are all correct, I would watch the trunk test tool to verify what trunks are actually trying/being used (or if it even makes it to a trunk), when dialing from both sites/PRI's.


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      They are two branches not sites on Director.

      Both PRI's have the same local area code of 515, but are long distance from each other. 515 is the local area code for trunk groups as well.

      The call never makes it to the trunk when watching the trunk test tool.

      Any other ideas?


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        Dumb question, does your user group have access permission to the non-working trunk group? Definitely sounds like a tough one you're up against. Have you thought about calling the TAC?