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  • 9.2 softphone users getting dropped calls, lag in Call Manager

    Upgraded to 9.2 14.41.1108.0 over the weekend.

    Everything went smooth with the Director, switches and call manager upgrades.

    However, we've got about 40 users that only use the softphone- no hard phones at their desk- and they are all reporting randomly dropped calls and noticeable lag/lock-up when attempting to use the Call Manager. For instance, pasting a number into it will sometimes make it seize for about 3 seconds.. same thing when hanging up using the hang-up button. The program will just lock up for a few seconds. It's not happening for users with hard phones at their desk.

    These users don't have Outlook integration turned on either. So, I'm boggled as to what could be making it do that

    I'm seeing a bunch of posts about this build (14.41.1108.0) and I'm wondering if we need to upgrade again just to fix the problem!

    Any ideas?