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  • Agent Priority in WG by Trunk

    I am after some suggestions on how to accomplish this in the simplest manner possible. I have a WG with 2 members in 2 separate countries. They will both take calls from both countries to share the load, hence the WG, but we would like to make sure the agent in country 1 gets the country 1 calls first and the agent in country 2 gets country 2 calls first. There is no point in loading the WAN link unnecessarily.

    Regards, J

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    I would recommend you create two workgroups with a top-down ring pattern. Make both agents members of both workgroups but place the proper agent first.


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      Yes that will work, you can also use 2 work groups with Interflow between them if you'd like the call to queue in the local country for a period of time before you send it to the other agent. Only one agent per WG in this scenario.

      Also, unless you have a DVS at each country and are on a version new enough to support distributed work groups, you'll be using the WAN for every queued call.