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  • Ip8000

    I've been trying to get my IP8000 switched to SIP phone from trunk, but i am not able to get the registrar to succeed. I've followed the guide for V8.0 and up and haven't found anything that i am doing different than is mentioned in the guide.

    Does anyone know of any issues that my guide is not listing? I have the director side complete, i'm just having no luck in the IP8000 itself.

    Any advice or assistance is appreciated.

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    Assuming the IP8000 has an IP address...

    You have to set a SIP password for the user.
    On the SIP phone, make the user name and authentication name the extension number. Put in the password. Put in the IP address for you SIP proxy switch (also allocate a port on the switch for SIP proxy, and make that switch the SIP Proxy switch under your site.)

    The next part is weird, and it works different ways...I would say choose direct for SIP registration, disable SIP proxy, click save and it should register.


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      Yes, that got everything straight... And turning the TCP signaling to disabled had it register.

      Thanks for the help.