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  • Call manager barge in and silent monitor buttons disabled for operators...

    I thought operators had the ability to do silent monitoring and barge in but the buttons are disabled / grayed out in Call Manager. Is there another permission I need to add to the user or group?

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    Yes, you need to assign the permissions to the user group.


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      You also need to make sure that the user groups for the other extensions has a COS - Telephony permission that allows them to be silent monitored and/or recorded.


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        I have a question on this topic. I have one user who would like to silently monitor 3 other users. I have created the necessary COS's and user groups for those to be monitored and the monitoring ext.

        In the PCM of the one doing the monitoring, I have created a silent monitor button for each of the 3 users to be monitored. We made some test calls and she was able to monitor them.

        The problem is, the icon in the call manager doesn't change to indicate that the person being monitored is on a call. Because all 4 users sit in close proximity to eachother (for now), she'll monitor the call if she sees that they are on the phone. We plan on moving her to another location within the office (she won't be able to see the users) so she will need some sort of visual to indicate when the users are on the phone.

        Am I missing something?


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          Use pro call manager and set those people up as part of the buddies list, this should give you the presence information needed.