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  • Moving a switch to a different site


    I have created a new site. I would like to move a switch that is currently in adfferent site over the one one I just created.

    I can not find anyway to do this in Shoreware Admin.


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    I don't think you can just move it because it's IP address and related settings need to be changed. I would delete it from the site, console into it to change the IP settings, then add it back to the new site.


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      If the switch isn't actually "moving" from a physical or network point of view, then nothing needs to be done on the remote switch side..
      You need to un-assign all users and devices from the switch, then delete it in ShoreWare Director. After it is completely deleted, you can re-add it at the new site.
      Keep in mind, you may need to "move" any Hunt Groups which are assigned to the switch, and it could also be configured as an IP Phone Configuration switch. If any of these are true, ShoreWare Director will stop you from deletig it, with a warning..


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        Hi guy's,

        Thanks for you replys.
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