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  • Erratic behavior with internal extension to extension calls??!!

    I have been experiencing ghost calls erratically for the last couple of weeks. I have an extension receive a call from another internal extension when there is noone physically dialing from the originating extension? The receiving parties routing slip identifies the origin of the call to be the actual extension?

    These "ghost" calls are all happening on the same switch, and not on other switches to my knowledge. We are a little overloaded with HG's and have exceeded the recommended threshhold of 16 agents which was suggested may be causing this problem, but am not fully understanding how this HG overload woul;d be causing this type of problem.

    Any thoughts/Suggestions?

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    Whether it is in fact related or not, you will not be able to get any real help out of ShoreTel TAC until you make changes so that the system is within recommended specs, this is common practice. On a practical note though, the hunt groups thing is a matter of processing resources to route calls and handle things like hunt groups, BCA's and trunks, when you exceed the the capacity of and processor you start to get bad math and garbage output as a result, in a phone world, this manifests in odd phone issues, I am not saying they are connected, but it would not surprise me if they ended up being connected.


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      It changed from 16 to 100 a while back...seems like that would have been in 8.1.


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