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  • Help Application on Client 10.1

    We just deployed a Shoretel phone system last month. One issue is the help files/application on Shoretel Call manager client v10.1. The help files do not work if one clicks Help then Contents and Index. The help files open, but do nothing in the help files work. Even worse, if one presses the F1 key to get the Call Manager help, the help files do not work and will only close if one closes Call Manager.

    The pcm.chm file found in the location, C:\Documents and Settings\%username%\Application Data\ShoreWare Client does work.

    We are currently using Windows XP, SP3 on virtually all of our workstations.

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    Help Application - 10.1r15.21.3903

    We have the same issue on this version as well

    Don B.