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  • Newbie Needs Direction

    Hi All,

    Brand new to Shoretel and the Director. Am just becoming familiar with some of the menus.

    Is there anywhere that has all the newbie questions answered so I don't have to take up too much time here getting answers to the same old newbie questions?

    Not much for the Shoretel manuals.

    I'll start with a couple of simple things.

    1. How do you allow a phone to ring for incoming calls like the receptionist phone and what would be the best way to do this so when she goes to lunch the system can be directed to ring on someone else's phone?

    2. I created a group called Reception. I can see it in the Groups list but its not available to any of the users. How do you make a group active?

    Thank you for your patience and thank you in advance for your reply.


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    1) There are a few ways...
    Here is one-create a hunt group with her in it, and make a button so that she can busy it out. Then make the busy destination of the hunt group the back up person...I know thats not much detail, but how will you ever learn?

    2)What kind of group? Paging, Pickup, Hunt, Trunk, Workgroup?


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      There is a document section at the bottom of the hyper links on the director interface.
      Read those, that should help you with understanding what you are asking and configuring.


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        Thank you. Really appreciate your help.