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  • New Shoretel User

    A new Shoretel User (though I probably know more about the system than our contracted IT guy). Our company just installed the SHoretel system and the phones are running fine.

    However, I seem to having this issue where I am simply NOT receiving the email notifications. I've read through a few threads with the problems with Outlook integration.

    Anyone know if my issue is related to the previously discussed issues with roaming profiles, etc, etc? I know I have installed the Shoretel Call Manager on TWO systems (my desktop and a laptop) for ease of use. I use my Desktop at the office primarily and the laptop is used on the road.

    Oddly enough, I know I got the emails last week when I was out of the office and checking email via our web client. However, I am back in the office and not receiving them. My desktop is a Win XP machine with Outlook 2003.

    Let me know if you guys have any comments.

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    We had all types of problems with the outlook integration. What i would make sure is that ShoreTel outlook is installed. Check on Call Manager in “Configure ShoreTel System” and the outlook tab.

    If that is installed then I would check to see if it is running in outlook. In out look click “tools”, “Options”, “Other” tab, Click “Advanced Options” then “Add-in Manager”. Make sure there are ShoreTel items in there and they are checked.

    If they are not in there you will need to uninstall and reinstall the Outlook feature in ShoreTel (you might have to uninstall ShoreTel CM and reinstall)


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      Verify that the Shoreware Voicemail account (type of MAPI) shows up in the Accounts section of Outlook. Most of the time this is the reason it is not working (it isn't there). If it is not there, you can add new account type and choose other and it should show up if you've checked the integration box in personal call manager.