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  • Event ID: 3307

    "DTAS thread (CAsyncSocket - Reset on Runaway Loop) had an exception. Thread is continuing" Problem occurred when a user was trying to pick up a call from the workgroup queue. He may have been using some creative button combinations but the result was the entire workgroup was getting calls from him every 30 sec. and no outside calls were coming in. Logging him out of workgroup did not help. Changing his status to out of office did not help. I had to physically unplug his phone. After reinstalling and rebooting things went back to normal.

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    Problem recurred. It appears that if a user hits "Transfer" and "Conference" buttons a loop develops. This is just a working theory. I am surprised that there are no other posts about this but it is a very isolated incident. Identifying the offending caller is easy. He/she is the one calling everyone in the WG every 30 sec. Unplugging their phone is a quick fix, in this case it is an IP230. Breaking the chain by canceling the conference or transfer should also provide a quick fix but it is untested.