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  • Administratively refresh voicemail boxes in a batch

    We are a boarding school where each student has a phone and voicemail. Each year we have to delete the voicemail and add it back so that it is new for each student and they can initialize it. We are doing this one at a time and it's a huge hassle. Is there any way to list extensions and do this all at once?

    Refreshing a voicemail box must be a very common thing in every company with employee turnover. I figure there must be a method. Am I missing it?

    Buck Little
    Director of IT
    Idyllwild Arts Foundation

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    Companies dont usually turnover hundreds of people in one, when there is a new employee, he usually has a different name than the last person, so he just gets a new account.

    I would think maybe you could go into the database and change the users from extension and mailbox, to extension only, then back...maybe that would reset it. Its still not one fell swoop, but it should be a lot faster than doing it in director.


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      The following script removes and recreates a single mailbox. Save it as RecreateMailbox.js on the HQ server, fill in the proper DN, and double-click it.
      var mb = new ActiveXObject("bus_zin.Mailbox");
      mb.UserDN = "111";
      mb.VMServerID = 1;
      Note that this script may not work in some circumstances, such as when you have multiple voice mail servers. This was just something I threw together in 15 minutes. If you need something more robust, we can design it.


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        Thank you. I will try this. Looks like what I want and if I can modify it to loop through a list of UserDNs it'll be perfect.