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  • Call Router Database Import

    We are running Shoretel for a month now without any real problems. The next step in the rollout is to implement Call Router. I have a 10mb Access DB with phone# and type of caller: Sales, Purchasing, or Admin. My goal is to route the non-sales calls direct to their destination and avoid having them answered by Sales. I do not see an import feature in Call Router, but it looks like I can copy the DB to the SBE server and then point Call Router to look at its location. Has anyone else done this before?

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    Call Router Database Import

    We have solved this problem several ways in the past. One way was to allow an import from a CSV file into a custom call router we wrote. Another option is to directly link our custom call router to an Access database, as long as it's on the same server. This simplifies the maintenance of the call router and ensure that the application is always using the most up to date information.

    I would be happy to talk to you about how we have solved this problem in more detail if you like. You can reach me at 330-335-7271, ask for Tim.


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      I was able to create route points and test them. Our database administrator then created an Access database to route calls with. We wanted to route non-sales calls around the sales WG. I moved the DB to the proper location on the SBE server and it began routing calls based on the contents of the DB. The log file shows the routing decisions and confirms that this is working. I do wish there were better instructions for this though.