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  • Manually Turn of After Hours Attendant

    We have a workgroup setup that consists of 3 secretarial staff that all receive calls on the main number for our engineering an public works department. For example if someone dials the main number to this building all 3 of these peoples phones ring.

    This group is a on an 8 - 4 schedule, at 4 PM all calls to this number are routed to an after hours auto attendant.

    I need to know if there is a way to manually disable the scheduled after hours attendant from the phone or from the call manager.

    For example at 3:50 today we had a water break and the office needed to have the phone stay active and not go into after hours attendant mode. They needed this option so that the office staff could field calls related to the water break.

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    The simplest way, if you don't mind the phones ringing a few times after hours, is to just change the workgroup's off-hours settings (and holiday and custtom settings if desired).

    Instead of forwarding always to the auto-attendant, set it to forward on no answer/busy, and set all three destinations to the auto-attendant. Then perhaps set the no-answer rings to 2. This way, even after hours, the phones will ring a couple of times before going to auto-attendant, still giving the secretarial staff a chance to answer.

    Also with this setup, if they don't want the phones to ring at all after hours, they can just logout of the workgroup, and then login as needed after hours.



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      You could give these operators a PCM version which has the queue monitor and then change the workgroup CHM from the dropdown on the top portion of queue manager.

      You could forward the call to a dummy user extension which normally is in the Standard CHM mode. Configure the standard mode to forward to Normal Workgroup (which has the schedule). Configure the Custom mode to forward to a new Emergency Workgroup which has no schedule. Grant the three users the ability to change the CHM of this dummy user.