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  • Long distance calling from within same area code

    I am starting to see a problem with dialing some numbers that are within the same area code, but are considered long distance by the telco. The number I am calling from is 616-248-xxxx and the number I am trying to call is 616-848-xxxx which is not a local call. When I dial the number, I get a recorded message saying that "your call cannot be completed as dialed. If you dialed a 5 digit code, it has changed. Please redial adding a 1 and a zero before the 5 digit code, or for assistance, contact the carrier you are trying to use."

    All other long distance calls going outside the area code work fine, and all calls that are local work fine.

    I have confirmed that the local trunk group settings check box for "Dial 7 digits for Local Area Code (for all prefixes unless a specific local prefix list is provided below)" is checked. I have also confirmed that the local prefix list is current and the number is NOT in the list.

    I have also tried disabling/enabling the 2 other check boxes, and not using a local prefix list, but nothing makes any difference.

    Please help!!

    Thank you!

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    You need to create a local prefix list. By not using a prefix list you are telling the system that the entire 616 area code is local calling. Use the following URL to help you create an accurate prefix list and apply to the Trunk group.

    Local calling guide: NPA-NXX search
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      Already have a local prefix list

      Thanks for the suggestion, but I have a local prefix list setup already. The problem seems to be that when the number goes out the local trunk the error is returned that the number cannot be completed as dialed. This only happens with numbers that are long distance within the same area code. I have confirmed that the number is not in the local prefix list being used by the system.

      Any other ideas?



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        What is your setup?