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  • Looking for thoughts on integrated IM

    I'm looking for opinions on integrating IM with Shoretel - do you like it / is it worth it / etc.

    Our situation:
    Shoretel 10.1 (15.21.5702.0)
    Exchange 2007
    Office 2007
    Our current IM product only functions within the company (no outside networks like MSN, yahoo, etc) and does not integrate with anything.

    I have access to almost all the OCS server and CAL licenses we would need but the last time I looked at using this it seemed like alot of work just for IM (and we were using Shoretel 7.5 at the time).

    All but a handful of our users have the personal call manager which I believe we would need to upgrade to professional to use integrated IM. (This alone might make this a non-starter)

    I'm wondering what the general opinion is and if it's something I should look into.

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    We've tested (and use it) it ever since ST introduced it in the beta with OCS 2005 a long time ago. Personally, I like an integrated client for IM and telephony. OCS 2007 can certainly be a beast but setting it up for IM is pretty straightfoward. Shoretel has an app note on how to configure it.