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  • Distribution Pattern Not working Shoretel 7 - Need to RING 2 phones at same time

    So i have a basic Hunt group with 2 members, which is assigned to a PRI. All i would like to be able todo is ring both members at the same time. How do i do this?

    Distribution Pattern does not seem to work at all.

    Can someone lay it out step by step?

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    1. ensure both phones actually ring by calling them from any other extension
    2. Create Hunt group - add both extensions as members - use simultaneous distribution
    3. Create your call routing to use hunt group. Depending on how you want calls routed, this can be done by using DID, DNIS or entering the huntgroup number as the default path for the trunk group.


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      thanks i figured it out.. It was the scheduling which was causing the issue ALL FIXED Now only if i could figure out this long distance forwarding issue.