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  • Secure Call Park

    Is there any way to make a call park more secure?

    Let say, a caller park a call to an extension and it require to press something (such as password or else) before picking up the parked call.

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    I dont think so. If security is an issue, then I guess call parking should not be allowed.


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      It can be done with custom software, but not natively in ShoreTel.


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        Something I have done that might be alittle more secure...Program a 'Phantom Phone' with a number that is not a part of the Extension list, make it private, only share it with those that need it. Whom ever parks the call and announces it, just have them say: 'John Doe, You have a Call Parked'. This works until 'word' gets out, then you can can it...and so on. This way, you only have one number to remember instead of a persons extension. It does burn a license.