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  • Director locking up

    10.1 - 15.21.3903.0
    Director login page will appear but when you attempt to log in, it hangs and never loads the director. Event viewer on the machine attempting to access reports an "application hang" error. Went to the director server and attempted to restart the Shoreware Director Utilities service, but it stops responding. This happened once last week and tac's response was a reboot which resolved the issue for 7 days. Would like to get this resolved without waiting till tonight to reboot if anyone has any ideas.

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    I believe that's a known bug, but you appear to be on a build that is suppose to fix it

    1-36380257 Director page hang won't open does not matter if open remotely or open from server itself.


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      I've had to go into the task manager, kill the KadotaUtil process and then stop and restart all of the ShoreTel services from the server management window. Seems to happen if some of my ShoreTel services fail to start at reboot and restart them manually. I have had it happen twice in about as many months.