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  • Site to Site phone quality issues.

    Ok, first I'll apologize for the length of this post. Even before I finish it, I know it'll be long

    We have 2 sites about 6 miles apart. Our second site is a temp site while site 1 is being remodeled. So that is why some of the following was done the way it was. The projected time was about 10 months...

    We have a wireless bridge set up between the 2 sites for our voice to travel on. It is a 10 mbit connection with 3 meg QoS set up... which in theory should be plenty.

    Site 1 connects to site 2 through this bridge, then site 2 has the PRI set up for outbound calls.

    Intra company calls between site 1 and 2 and outbound calls from site 1 had been working well for about 45 days. We had some stuttering every once in a great while (maybe once a week). Site 1 has about 200 intra company calls a day and 100-150 outside calls... so once or twice a week I could live with. Now we are getting stuttering almost all calls. Within site 1, calls are fine, it's just when they venture out past the "walls" that quality drops.

    We have the PRI at site 2 because the majority of our calls are from here... about 400-500 on top of the intra site calls per day.

    Our vender is working feverishly to try and convince our wireless ISP there is something wrong…which they say is rubbish. All of their tests come back as good.

    So here is the question(s)…

    What are some options? Getting any other type of point to point connection is hard to arrange because of the “short” time we’ll be at site 2. Anyone in this area wants a 2 yr contract to get a price that is even remotely digestible.

    We do have a 10 meg fiber connection at both sites that connect us to the internet. Our vendor said we can use this to VPN the two sites together and work that way, but we’d have to reprogram all our switches to new IP’s…yada yada. I worry about putting voice out on the "normal" internet because of possible quality issues and some of the stuff we talk about is proprietary and you hear of folks "peeking" in on VoIP calls...

    I’m going to try using softphones at site 1 until we come up with something “real.”

    Any ideas you guy/gals have to help troubleshoot the wireless, or prove to the isp it’s their responsibility , or have any ideas that might help me with severe hair loss would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance

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    We can help. We have done installs just like this. Call me at 330-335-7271 to discuss details.



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      I wouldn't worry about putting your calls through a VPN on the wire, you're already broadcasting it all on the airwaves... the VPN tunnel is encrypted so even if someone gets your packets they should just appear to be random bits. You can also enable encryption on the ShoreTel if that's a concern.

      Your issues are certainly related to the network between sites. If the behaviour has changed recently then I'd be looking for what else has changed recently as well. That can be tricky with wireless because it can be environmental, and not necessarily nearby. Did someone a few miles down the road set up a similar link that is pointing towards you, has something been build between the two sites.

      Good luck.


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        The only obvious thing was some severe thunder storms just before the issues started. Our ISP said they checked the condition of the radios, cables coming in, etc and everything was good.


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          What kind of wireless gear is it? Have you run a tool like PingPlotter to verify that the connection between both sites is good?