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  • Trying to figure out a call handling mode issue

    Okay, I have a user on x 1550. He's part of a work group with other people, lets call the group "paint"

    This group has a direct dial in number lets call that, 555-222-1545, which is also x1545 if you call into the companies main line which is "555-222-1500"

    Now, the person on x1550 must be able to answer calls until 9pm, this includes bathroom breaks.

    So we have a "custom" call handling mode that rings to a cordless hand set that is on port 11 and uses x1479.

    Here's the issue. When he sets his call manager to custom the cordless handset rings and works just fine ONLY if someone calls his direct line or his extension. However, if someone calls the "paint" work group, it will ring the members (including his) but it will NOT ring the cordless phone, even though his current call handling mode is to forward calls to x1479.

    In other words, call his extension when "custom" is enabled, it'll ring to x1479 (the cordless), but call the workgroup he's a member of and it will only ring to his desk phone.

    I hope this makes sense. Anyone have any ideas where I can check this out?

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    Call handling modes never apply to the hunt calls generated by workgroups. You'll need to find another way, such as giving this user workgroup supervisor or operator call manager and having him change the call handling mode of the workgroup itself via the queue monitor window. You could also set up a schedule on an autoattendant in front of the workgroup if you prefer time-based.


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      Palitto, thanks for the reply.

      I don't think we can do the schedule as there is already one in place that ticks off at 9pm to call out to a remote site.

      How & where would I set this person up for WG supervisor or operator call manager?



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        why dont you just put the cordless as a member in the workgroup, then you can change call distribution to top down or something.



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          You can change the client type under the user's settings.

          To do a schedule, place a route point in front of the workgroup and set up the additional schedule there.


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            Sean, I liked that idea, but it didn't seem to work.

            Palitto, I'm trying to change his account to manager, I'll see if that helps.


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              Just make sure that the cordless phone is logged in.

              Heck you could also get a plantronics wireless headset and have the user use that; then the user would never miss calls.
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                Sean, that did the trick.